Preparation Schedule
Each role of the program
Preparation for congress
To chairs and oganizers


  1. Decide the following items and complete a program.
     1) Topics and brief introduction
     2) Date and time *Note the time differences from each site
     3) Participants and connection sites
     4) Chair and co-chair
     5) Presenter and title of presentation
2. Ask the moderator at each site to find a local engineer who can support and
 write the name of each local engineer in the program.
3. Collect bios and abstracts of presenters as necessary.
4. Make participants recognize the TEMDEC policy on teleconferences.
5. Ask participants to cooperate for a questionnaire.
6. After the teleconference, finalize the program (connected institutions, presenters, schedule etc.) and
 cooperate in making a report.

  1. Check the program in advance and act as a moderator for the entire teleconference.
     1) State the opening and closing remarks.
     2) Call greetings from each site at the beginning and at the end.
     3) Manage time.
     4) Call for cooperation of the questionnaire, if necessary.

  1. Serve as the representative of the facility.
2. Find a local engineer who can support the connection and request technical cooperation.
3. Determine the presenter.
4. Inform the organizer of the presenter, the title of the presentation,
    the information of the engineer (name and contact information), etc.
5. Serve as a moderator.
6. Introduce participants from the facility at the teleconference.

  1. Decide the presentation title and contact the moderator of the facility.
2. Create a slide.
3. Submit the slide data to the local engineer.

  1. Join the discussion.

Chief engineer
  1. Contact the organizer and grasp the contents of the program.
2. Contact other local engineers and decide the best system and usage server for the teleconference.
3. Announce the technical information (connection method, test schedule) to the mailing list of the relevant event.
4. Plan and carry out connection tests and solve technical problems in all participating sites.
5. Respond to technical operation such as Multipoint Control Unit.
6. During the teleconference, keep in touch with local engineers at each site by chat and prepare for trouble.
7. Collect recorded pictures from each site after the teleconference.

Local engineers at each site
  1. When asked for technical support, contact the moderator at each site to start the preparation.
2. Check the status of required equipment and network.
3. Join the test connections and check image and sound quality before the teleconference.
4. Resolve technical problems as necessary.
5. Prepare a chat tool for contact during the teleconference.
6. Provide technical support during the teleconference.
7. If any trouble happens during the teleconference,
    report the situation to the chief engineer by chat and try to solve the problem.
8. Picture the state of the teleconference.

Secretariat, Coordinator
  1. Communicate, coordinate, and do administrative procedures according to instructions from the organizer.
2. Announce mailing lists and programs and update the information.

*For any questions and suggestions, please contact us anytime.