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The 55th APAN Meeting -Dentistry

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The 55th APAN Meeting -Dentistryreload

Local Time at Main Venue 2023.03.14(Tue) 07:00 - 90min, Kathmandu, NP (UTC+05:45)
Organizer Aqsa Sjuhada
Topic Special Care Dentistry Update 2023
Contents Dentistry
Style Conference
Connection Method Zoom, Streaming
Server At TEMDEC
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Brief Description Special Care Dentistry (SCD) is a branch of dentistry concerned with the oral health of people with a variety of medical conditions or limitations that require more than routine delivery of care. Special Care Patients are in particular more vulnerable to oral health problems than those without, being reported to have higher plaque scores and caries prevalence, as well as poor periodontal health. Maintaining good oral hygiene and access to dental care amongst this cohort was, and still is, often non-existent, especially when compared to the general population. Problems such as lack of oral health awareness amongst caregivers and/or patients, limitation in the ability to perform oral hygiene practices, agility, and poor motor coordination, diet problems, medications’ side effects, limited access to dental care, or needing assistance in performing oral hygiene regime are evident to be responsible for the poor oral health in people with disability. This meeting is trying to discuss the recent technologies, achievements, and challenges among the special care dentistry pacticioners.

Key Members

ChairSarisendy SumardiUniversity of IndonesiaID
Co-Chair 1Yossy YoanitaHasanuddin UniversityID
Co-Chair 2---
Chief Engineer 1Rico YanuariAirlangga UniversityID
Chief Engineer 2Tunggul LaksonoBrawijaya UniversityID
Chief Engineer 3---
Chief Engineer 4---

Connecting Institutions  

Red is to be decided
City, Country Institution Moderator Local Engineer
1(Main).Kathmandu, NPKathmandu Marriott HotelUdaya KoiralaRojen Shahi
2.Jawa Timur, IDAirlangga UniversityTania SaskiantiRico Yanuari
3.Jakarta, IDUniversity of IndonesiaAmrita WidyagariniAhmad Romdhoni
4.Makassar, IDHasanuddin UniversityEka Erwansyah-
5.Fukuoka, JPKyushu University Hospital--
6.Kuala Lumpur, MYUniversity of MalayaLily Azura Shoaib-
7.Medan, IDUniversity of Sumatera Utara--
8.Malang, IDBrawijaya University-Tunggul Laksono


Main venue     Localtime
1.Kathmandu, NP
(Institution No. 2, 3, 7, 8)
(Institution No. 4, 6)
(Institution No. 5)
07:00 - 07:00
Connection starts & last preparation2023.03.14
08:15 - 08:15
09:15 - 09:15
10:15 - 10:15
07:00 - 07:10Opening RemarksDr Sarisendy Sumardi(University of Indonesia)08:15 - 08:2509:15 - 09:2510:15 - 10:25
07:10 - 07:25Bridging The Gap Between Children with Hearing Impairment
and Dentists to Improve Oral Health Status
Dr Amrita Widyagarini(University of Indonesia)08:25 - 08:4009:25 - 09:4010:25 - 10:40
07:25 - 07:40Cases and management of Special Care Patients in Oral and
Maxillofacial Surgery field
Dr Yossy Yoanita(University of Indonesia)08:40 - 08:5509:40 - 09:5510:40 - 10:55
07:40 - 07:55Feeding appliance for baby with cleft lip and palate: an
adaptation burden to overcome
Dr Tania Saskianti(Airlangga University)08:55 - 09:1009:55 - 10:1010:55 - 11:10
07:55 - 08:05Presentation from the University of MalayaDr Lily Azura Shoaib(University of Malaya)09:10 - 09:2010:10 - 10:2011:10 - 11:20
08:05 - 08:15The Smile Transformation of A Cancer Fighter: A Journey of
Hope and Resilience
Dr Maryani Mohamed Rohani(University of Malaya)09:20 - 09:3010:20 - 10:3011:20 - 11:30
08:15 - 08:25DiscussionAll09:30 - 09:4010:30 - 10:4011:30 - 11:40
08:25 - 08:30Closing RemarksDr. Sarisendy Sumard(University of Indonesia)09:40 - 09:4510:40 - 10:4511:40 - 11:45


  • The conference will be recorded by the photos and movies.
  • Pictures taken at the conference will be published in TEMDEC home page, annual report and conference presentations.
  • Do not present the personal information of patients any in oral and presentation materials without obtaining the patient's consent.

* For more information, please refer to the TEMDEC policy.