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How to join

Institution-administrator ID

2) Institution-administrator ID: University administrator
The Institution-administrator manages Institution-user IDs. When a user ID is requested, we will inform the institution administrator, who will provide the ID to the user.

The Institution-administrator ID must be issued the user who are confirmed as a member of the institution. For example, e-mail domain, verification by institution’s main telephone number, etc.

Authorized actions

Action Browse Edit Create Delete
Same as Institution-user ID

Application form

Please complete the form and send to med-hok officer.
We will send the ID and password by email.
In the case of a new institution, Med-hok will select the institution ID.

Institution- administrator ID application form
Dear Med-hok officer :

dd month yyyy
Application:New registration・Edit・Delete (Select one)

1) Director ID: (Leave blank for new registration)
2) Institution ID: (Leave blank for new registration)
3) Institution name:
4) Affiliation:
5) Name:
6) Job title:
7) Address:
8) Telephone:
9) Email: