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Medical Institutions & Universities (78 Nations 1110 Institutions)
Japan 405
Afghanistan 1
Brunei Darussalam 1
China 50
Congo,The Democratic Republic of the 1
India 67
Netherlands 1
New Zealand 1
The Other Instituions (52 Nations 473 Institutions)
Japan 199
Argentina 9
  • Agencia de Recaudacion de la Provincia de Buenos Aires staff's home: Buenos Aires
  • El Cruce Hospital doctor's home: Buenos Aires
  • Hospital Infantil Municipal Cordoba doctor's home: Cordoba
  • Hospital Julio C. Perrando doctor's home: Chaco
  • Inter-American Society of Digestive Endoscopy
  • Juan Agustin Maza University doctor's home: Mendoza
  • Sanatorio del Oeste Merlo doctor's home: Buenos Aires
  • School of Acute Hospital Dr. Ramon Madariaga doctor's home: Posadas
  • University of Buenos Aires docto's home: Buenos Aires
Bolivia, Plurinational State of 1
Brazil 16
  • Brazilian National Cancer Institute (INCA) doctor's home: Rio de Janeiro
  • Cajuru University Hospital doctor's home: Curitiba
  • Federal University of Sergipe (FUS) doctor's home: Sao Cristovao
  • Gastroclinica Cascavel doctor's home: Cascavel
  • Hospital Alemao Oswaldo Cruz doctor's home: Sao Paulo
  • Hospital de Base Sao Jose do Rio Preto doctor's home: Sao Jose do Rio Preto
  • Hospital Municipal do Idoso Zilda Arns doctor's home: Curitiba
  • Hospital Nossa Senhora das Gracas doctor's home: Curitiba
  • Hospital Santa Casa de Curitiba doctor's home: Curitiba
  • Japanese-Brazilian Beneficence in Sao Paulo doctor's home: Sao Paulo
  • MedClin Clinica Medica Especializada doctor's home: Sao Paulo
  • Rede Universitaria de Telemedicina(RUTE) doctor's home: Brasilia
  • Rio Grande do Sul Federal Univeristy, Porto Alegre Hospital doctor's home: Porto Alegre
  • Santa Casa de Misericordia de Sao Paulo doctor's home: Sao Paulo
  • UNIRIO doctor's home: Rio de Janeiro
  • University of Sao Paulo doctor's home: Sao Paulo
Canada 2
  • The Hospital for Sick Children(SickKids) doctor's home: Toronto
  • Toronto General Hospital doctor's home: Toronto
Colombia 7
Costa Rica 3
  • Gastro Clinica, Costa Rica doctor's home: San Jose
  • University of Costa Rica doctor's home: San Pedro
Czech Republic 2
Dominican Republic 2
  • Dominican Advanced Network for Education & Investigation(RADEI)
  • Luis Eduardo Aybar Hospital doctor's home: Santo Domingo
France 1
  • Kyushu University Hospital doctor's hotel: Lyon
Germany 2
  • Galileo Control Center (DLR Gfr)
  • The National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition doctor's accommodation: Dusseldorf
India 16
Indonesia 10
Italy 2
Kazakhstan 1
  • Kazakh Research and Education Network Association
Kyrgyzstan 2
  • Central Asian Research and Education Network (CAREN)
  • Kyrgyz Research and Education Network Association
Malaysia 7
Mexico 10
Nigeria 4
  • Lagos University Teaching Hospital doctor's home: Lagos
  • Society for Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Nigeria doctor's home: Lagos
  • UbuntuNet Alliance engineer's home: Lagos
  • WACREN engineer's home: Lagos
Peru 4
  • Edgardo Rebagliati Martins National Hospital doctor's home: Lima
  • Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen Hospital doctor's home: Lima
  • Japanese Peruvian Polyclinic doctor's home: Lima
  • Peruvian Gastrointestinal Society
Philippines 15
Russian Federation 7
Saudi Arabia 1
  • King Salman bin Abdulaziz Hospital doctor's home: Riyadh
Senegal 1
  • Lagos University Teaching Hospital doctor's hotel: Dakar
Tajikistan 1
  • Tajik Academician Research and Educational Networks Association
Turkmenistan 2
United Kingdom 3
United States 13
Vietnam 6