Greetings from Director

TEMDEC aims to improve and equalize the quality of medical care in the world through telemedicine.

Director of TEMDECTomohiko Moriyama, MD, PhD

Recent advances in medicine have been remarkable. Many medical articles have reported the discovery of previously unknown diseases, the elucidation of disease etiology, and the development of new forms of diagnosis and treatment. Medical professionals have to learn more and more about recent changes in medicine: in this regard, it has become necessary for them to learn effectively and continuously from experts.

In 2008, the Telemedicine Development Center of Asia (TEMDEC) was set up to organize attractive, effective remote education, involving interactive discussions in various medical fields, whereby medical institutions in different countries are connected by the Internet. Since its establishment, TEMDEC has deepened cooperative relationships with medical professionals and engineers around the world. It has supported many remote education programs, such as international webinars, case conferences, and live demonstrations of advanced surgery and endoscopy. In that way, TEMDEC has helped share the latest medical knowledge and accumulate the experience of experts in various medical fields. We at TEMDEC are also actively engaged in remote medical consultation around the world.

COVID-19 has drastically reduced human traffic and direct human contact on a global scale. However, it has also made people around the world aware of the convenience and usefulness of telemedicine. We at TEMDEC will contribute to the further development and spread of telemedicine using the knowledge and experience we have accumulated. We aim to improve and equalize the quality of medical care in the world.
We sincerely appreciate your kind cooperation and tremendous support.