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The 25th Peking Early Gastric Cancer Tele-conferencereload

Local Time at Main Venue 2017.11.29(Wed) 15:00 - 120min, Beijing, CN (UTC+08:00)
Organizer Wu Xi
Topic Case discussion of early gastric cancer
Contents Endoscopy
Style Conference
Connection Method H.323, Vidyo
Server At Kyushu University
Streaming Address TBD
Brief Description There will be 4-5 cases of early gastric cancer presented. Endoscopists and pathologists from different Japanese and Chinese hospitals will sit together and discuss the proper diagnosis and treatment for the cases.

Key Members

ChairShuji ShimizuKyushu University HospitalJP
Co-Chair 1Yao FangPeking Union Medical College HospitalCN
Co-Chair 2Kenshi YaoFukuoka University Chikushi HospitalJP
Chief Engineer 1Nai XiOlympus Shanghai CTECCN
Chief Engineer 2Qingwei JiangPeking Union Medical College HospitalCN
Chief Engineer 3Zhengyu ChenNanfang Hospital, Southern Medical UniversityCN
Chief Engineer 4Yoshiko HoukabeKyushu University HospitalJP

Connecting Institutions  

Red is to be decided
City, Country Institution Moderator Local Engineer
1(Main).Beijing, CNPeking Union Medical College HospitalYang AimingQingwei Jiang
2.Shanghai, CNFudan University Zhongshan HospitalWeifeng ChenSun GeFeng
3.Tianjin, CNTianjin Medical UniversityXin ChenWang Han
4.Guangzhou, CNNanfang Hospital, Southern Medical UniversityWei GongXicheng Feng
5.Tokyo, JPJuntendo UniversityTakashi Yao Tsuyoshi Yoshida
6.Fukuoka, JPFukuoka University Chikushi HospitalKenshi YaoTadahiro Yamaguchi
7.Fukuoka, JPKyushu University HospitalAkira AsoKuriko Kudo


Main venue     Localtime
1.Beijing, CNContentsPresenter2, 3, 45, 6, 7
15:00 - 15:00
15:00 - 15:00
16:00 - 16:00
15:00 - 15:10Opening remarks and greeting from each stationall15:00 - 15:1016:00 - 16:10
15:10 - 15:30TBDFukuoka University Chikushi Hospital(Fukuoka University Chikushi Hospital)15:10 - 15:3016:10 - 16:30
15:30 - 15:50Case Discussion 1Tianjin University General Hospital(Tianjin Medical University)15:30 - 15:5016:30 - 16:50
15:50 - 16:10Case Discussion 2Zhongshan Hospital, Shanghai(Fudan University Zhongshan Hospital)15:50 - 16:1016:50 - 17:10
16:10 - 16:30Case Discussion 3Nanfang Hospital, Gaungzhou(Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University)16:10 - 16:3017:10 - 17:30
16:30 - 16:50Case Discussion 4Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing(Peking Union Medical College Hospital)16:30 - 16:5017:30 - 17:50
16:50 - 17:00Closing remarks and discussing about the future planall16:50 - 17:0017:50 - 18:00


  • The conference will be recorded by the photos and movies.
  • Pictures taken at the conference will be published in TEMDEC home page, annual report and conference presentations.
  • Do not present the personal information of patients any in oral and presentation materials without obtaining the patient's consent.
  • The conference will be delivered simultaneously by streaming.

* For more information, please refer to the TEMDEC policy.