Greeting from Director

Patient Security and Copyright Statements                                          1 October 2019


Our activities include transmission of audio and video for the purpose of medical education, medical consultation and clinical research. Although personal information of the patients is sometimes included in our activities, we always comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and related guidelines (1). The informed consent is always gained from the patient beforehand, and our activities are in full compliance with ethical guidelines concerning medical research (2). We follow 4 guidelines for medical information established by 3 Japanese administrative organizations (3). We also abide the rules of Online Medical Care by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as needed (4).

1. Conference Recording

The conference will be recorded by the photos and movies. Hence, participants might be recorded in the photos and movies. The copyrights of such photos and movies belong to TEMDEC. However, the copyrights of the presentation materials made by a participant of the conference belong to him/herself.

2. Publication of materials

The recorded photos and movies, and presentation materials, may be publicized in the TEMDEC home page, annual reports and academic conferences, etc. Before publicizing, TEMDEC will inform participants prior to that.

3. Conference Streaming

The conference may be delivered simultaneously by streaming. The copyrights of the movies for streaming delivery belong to TEMDEC. Any distribution, copying, reproduction, modification and/or transmission of any of the contents of such movie files are strictly prohibited.

4. Public knowledge of the presented research

The shared information in the conference may be treated as a public knowledge. Therefore, the subject matter disclosed prior to the filing of patent application will destroy the novelty of the invention and there may be disadvantages for the presenters. In case that presenters would share such information which include future patent application, please consult to your local intellectual property department in advance.

5. Patient Personal Information

Do not present and disclose the Patient Personal Information either in oral or presentation materials without obtaining the patient's consent.

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