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Patient Security and Copyright Statements                                          31 August 2017


The main subject of the conference carried out under this project is remote medical education, not for the direct access to the patient’s electronic medical records and the sharing of such medical information. For this purpose, no patient’s personal information, including, but not limited to, name, date of birth or other patient-related information that will enable identification of individuals (hereinafter referred to as the “Patient Personal Information”) will be disclosed or used under this project. Such Patient Personal Information will be deleted in advance or will be amended in such a way that no patient can be identified. We pay careful attention to protecting patient privacy by, for example, not disclosing patient names in our presentations and avoiding photographing patient faces in live demonstrations. Therefore, our basic policy is that there is no need for further technological protection during transmission over the Internet, but we will take measures to use encryption programs such as IPsec or AES, depending upon the security standard of participating medical institutions in various countries and regions with informed consent of the patients.

1. Conference Recording

The conference will be recorded by the photos and movies. Hence, participants might be recorded in the photos and movies. The copyrights of such photos and movies will belong to TEMDEC. However, the copyrights of the presentation materials made by a participant of the conference will belong to such participant him/herself.

2. Publication of materials

The recorded photos and movies, and presentation materials, may be published in the TEMDEC home page, annual reports and academic conferences, etc. In case of publication, TEMDEC will inform participants prior to publication.

3. Conference Streaming

The conference may be delivered simultaneously by streaming. The copyrights of the movies for streaming delivery will belong to TEMDEC. Any distribution, copying, reproduction, modification and/or transmission of any of the contents of such movie files shall be strictly prohibited.

4. Public knowledge of the presented research

The shared information in the conference may be treated as a public knowledge. Therefore, the subject matter disclosed prior to the filing of patent application will destroy the novelty of the invention and there may be disadvantages for the presenters. In case that presenters would share the information that there is a possibility to fill a patent application, please consult to the intellectual property department in advance.

5. Patient Personal Information

Do not present and disclose the Patient Personal Information any in oral and presentation materials without obtaining the patient's consent. Please pay attention to protection of the Patient Personal Information in each clinic department and academic area.